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Info For Local Governments Short Term Housing

To start the assistance process, log on to or call 1-800-621-3362. Once you have registered, FEMA will determine eligibility.

If emergency sheltering, rental assistance or minor repair money enables a survivor to return to their home, they may not be eligible for further housing assistance.

Texas General Land Office, Federally Funded, Locally Managed Individual Assistance Programs:

Multi-Family Lease and Repair  
  • Direct assistance to repair or improve existing multi-family housing such as apartments in order to provide more housing for survivors.
  • Properties must be three or more units, with each unit providing complete living facilities for cooking, eating, and sanitation. Hotels, motels, and extended stay hotels are not eligible at this time.
  • 100% federally funded.
Direct Leasing  
  • Enables local governments to lease a property that typically would not be available to the public, such as corporate lodging.
  • Local government enters into the lease agreement on behalf of individuals or households. Various types of housing properties may be eligible.
  • 100% federally funded.
Manufactured Housing Options (Mobile Homes and Recreational Vehicles)  
  • Direct housing places manufactured units on private land or commercial pads.
  • Local permitting may apply.
  • Site must be suitable. Hauling and installation by local entities involved.
  • An inspection of the site to determine suitability will be scheduled.
  • 100% federally funded.
DALHR – Direct Assistance for Limited Home Repair 
  • DALHR provides permanent repairs to homes with significant damage.
  • Program can include permanent repairs to a survivor’s home where alternative housing is not available or is not cost-effective.
  • FEMA will determine eligibility for permanent housing construction DALHR on a case-by-case basis.
  • All other forms of housing assistance must be exhausted before DALHR can be considered.
  • 100% federally funded.
PREPS – Partial Repair and Essential Power for Sheltering 
  • PREPS provides minor repairs to homes in locations with limited housing options.
  • For eligible properties that have incurred limited damage displacing individuals from their homes.
  • PREPS allows basic, emergency home repairs – not to include finish work – so Texans can shelter in their home while they are completing permanent repairs.
  • To be eligible for PREPS, individuals and households must reside in a county that has been designated for Public Assistance and Individual Assistance. Your damage must be to a primary residence, you must be the homeowner, and damage must be a result of Hurricane Harvey.
  • Public Assistance Program 90% federally funded, 10% local cost share.